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An insightful look into both law enforcement and journalism—and the sometimes-complicated relationship between them—Blue News provides law enforcement officers and journalists windows into each other’s worlds.

“In Blue News, Lance LoRusso presents a reasoned and experienced explanation of the forces at work when a police involved critical incident occurs.

We live in an age of computers where information travels at the speed of light. Even bad information. Information that is born of a curious mix of the truth and fiction that is often driven by emotion, perceptions, old hatreds and mistrust, and even financial gain. LoRusso offers sensible tools for all sides to use so that collectively the police and the public can reach an area of common ground that will lead to a reasonable answer as to what happened and why.

We have not been very good at that in the past. Even the recent past. LoRusso gives all of us a way forward. And we certainly need it. Buy this book.”

– Joe Kenda, CSPD LT. (retired)
Currently on the show Investigation Discovery


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